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Career Coaching

Are you

  • Sending out applications to several employers but not hearing anything back?
  • Needing help to develop or strengthen any of your job search skills, such as interviewing?
  • Wanting to change careers due to dissatisfaction but feel stuck or unsure of how to do so?
  • Needing help to determine what your interests are to find a job within your dream career?

We work with clients to develop concrete steps that they can take to achieve their career objectives. We assist you with

  • Determining the types of jobs that match your interests and skills
  • Developing an actionable job search plan
  • Identifying your strengths and overcoming your weaknesses
  • Creating a well-written resume, cover letter and LinkedIn profile
  • Networking
  • Preparing for interviews
  • Encouraging you throughout the process

Most people spend hours crafting the perfect resume but very little time developing a job search strategy or preparing for an interview. Yet interviews are where the final decisions are made and the winner is chosen. Impressing an interview team has to do with knowing what to communicate, how to articulate it, when to stop and when to add more. It’s communicating your value to your audience.


We offer 1:1 coaching for job interviews at all levels from graduates to senior executives across all disciplines.


Through unique and highly-focused interview preparation techniques, intensive interview simulations and direct, honest feedback, our clients succeed at senior leadership and executive role interviews.


Personalised, fast and effective, we'll coach you in how to demonstrate the right competencies, answer questions confidently, deal with tough interviewers, overcome nerves and present yourself as the capable leader you already are.


We'll design a personalised programme of interview coaching around you and the job you're being interviewed for, test your technique, and hone your skills to prepare you for success.



"Allana's understanding of recruitment and interviewing processes is second to none. She provided amazing insight from a mix of personal experience and industry knowledge to help leverage my potential as an interviewee. Through her training I went from next to nothing, to being selected for a role against over 1200 applicants at Expedia. She is a joy to work with and has truly shaped the marketer I am today!"   Marketing Executive


“Allana is an exceptional career coach - her genuine passion, industry experience and knowledge of recruitment processes is unrivalled. I first worked with Allana when contemplating a career transition, and she provided practical techniques to identify what I truly wanted from my next career move. Under Allana’s guidance, I was able to significantly improve my response rate from potential employers by tailoring CVs and cover letters. As an accomplished interview panellist, Allana’s coaching also grew my interview confidence and performance exponentially. Thank you Allana, your incredible career wisdom and insights have been invaluable and will stay with me long into the future”.  Associate Director, Institutional Banking