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Executive Search & COVID-19

Our continuity planning has allowed us to continue business as usual in these challenging times.


Market Research

Our researchers across the country have been fully equipped with remote technology and home office capabilities for many years. They continue to conduct desk research, network, acquire external recommendations and build talent pipelines at their usual high level and speed.


Direct Approach

Even in good times talent needs influencing and this is what we do best. Finding a person is one thing, recruiting them and getting them to an interview with you and to accept your job offer is a whole different capability.  We have built our reputation on bringing talent to the hiring table and this skill is even more rare and critical in the current environment.


Candidate Interviews

Because our consultants and researchers have equipped home offices with professional-grade cameras and microphones, we are able to conduct interviews by video conferencing. Candidates have more availability for interviews now as most are working from home. Likewise, candidate presentations can be easily done via video conferencing.


Evaluation & References

The psychometric testing of candidates can be easily carried out online, and we use internationally recognized online testing to facilitate this process. Collecting a candidate’s references is yet another unhindered step in the project of executive search.


Candidate Presentation & Selection

We can start new projects with the disclaimer that a decision might not be reached until the global restrictions have ended. Equally, start dates can be negotiated and extended into the future. Projects can also be carried out in modules or individual steps; for example, projects can begin with market mapping in order to gain a sound market overview. The candidates can then be addressed at a later date. This procedure enables us to interview candidates and deliver results quickly after the exceptional situation has ended. Our processes are flexible to accommodate your needs.


Career Coaching

During these challenging times, it is often a good time to press the pause button and consider your future career options. We can assist you in determining what those options might look like going forward and how best to position your profile in the marketplace to take advantage of future opportunities.