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What is Talent Mapping?


Talent mapping is researching and mapping where the talent lies in a certain company, industry or geographic location. It is about finding out where the high flyers are, where the rising talent lies and where the talent gaps are.


The second step in mapping is reaching out to these individuals to find out if they would consider moving to a new role in the future- it can be in 6 months,12 months or even years ahead.


Most companies wait until employees quit before beginning the search for a candidate: with talent mapping you already have top candidates in mind.


Benefits of Talent Mapping


Immediate & Strategic Recruitment – getting visibility of your target market gives you a wealth of data from which you can plan and execute a recruitment campaign irrespective of your time frame.


Competitor Analysis – mapping your industry and competitors gives you visibility to the size, skills, salary structures or organisational structure of your competitors.


Internal Benchmarking – knowing the people and skills out in the external market allows you to undertake a rigorous assessment of your internal capability.


Hiring Time and faster decisions – Recruitment, and particularly the front end of recruitment, is time consuming. Outsourcing the talent identification and engagement process frees up your internal teams to focus on what they do well. When it is time to hire, you have identified a candidate pool and can minimise the cost to business of having a role sitting empty.


Succession Planning – scouting high-potential and leaders of the future provides you with a robust succession plan that will strengthen and complement your internal development initiatives.